Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Brew 1 bottling day (massive cat brew)

And so the time is finally upon us and we can bottle this beer. After thrice washing the second hand beer bottles we got (sink soaking, dishwasher and sterilizing solution). This was on day 17 when bubbles at basically ceased to exist bar a few on top. 

141g of dextran was added to give a CO2 percentage of around 4. The densometer reading came as 1.01 indicating it was ready to bottle ( fermentation was done). Using this with our starting value of 1.08 gave us a final ABV percentage of 9.19. This makes a pretty big beer but we are happy with that. We got 18 litres bottled but could have done a hit more if we had more bottled. That equaled 36 bottles of the stuff. 

 When poured it was cloudy with a yellow/amber colour. It smelt a bit of fruits (and alcohol maybe). It tasted quite nice, similar to Hoegardan or Blue moon wheat beer. This was despite being room temperature and flat. When it was bottled a sediment formed in each bottle. Need to keep an eye on that. 

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